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Malvan is a full year Destination.

The peak season is winter, when skies and water are clear and temperatures relatively low, about 30-32˚C.

Tourists come in numbers, though it is never really crowded. It is the perfect time for sunbathing on the beach, catching dolphins and crystalline water for SCUBA diving. The peak time falls on Christmas and New Years Eve, when prices for hotels soar.

December is the month of goddess festivals, Golden Goose May Femme November is the time of the lavishly celebrated Golden Goose Mid Star Pas Cher Diwali vacation.

In April and May it gets slightly hot, Golden Goose Francy Pas Cher around 34-36˚C, but very pleasant in the hilly parts of  Konkan. The streets bathe in tropical sun and people get even more lazy under huge flowering acacias. Skies thicken with humidity and sunsets are more colourful than ever. This is the season for mangos and jackfruits. Powerful thunder storms in the night are impressive Baskets Golden Goose preludes of the massive monsoon wave. People follow the news to enjoy the impact hour at view points and get drenched in the first showers.

The monsoon (June, July, August), with clouds and abundant rains, brings the cool 25-28˚C. Winds blow and weather constantly changes, so it never really rains all day. It may actually be the best time to travel in Konkan. The nature is in full bloom,and backwaters look very romantic, making it the favorite season for honeymooners. Sea is tormented, beaches nostalgic and peaceful, hotels cheaper, so if you value privacy and want to cut down spending, you will be impressed.


The altitude rises from the near sea level coast line to over 2000 m in the Western Ghats. Malvan is one big coconut estate. Actually “Maha Lavan” means “having huge pans salt manufacturing” in local language. It has also vast areas of rice fields and has been known for centuries as the biggest fish, Mangoes exporter in the world.

The biggest Golden Goose Slide Femme Malvani wonder is the nature itself: A water fort Sindhudurg, sunny tropical beaches like Tarkarli beach, safe and clean Chivla beach, Sanctuaries in Dhamapur with large varieties of Golden Goose Running Femme plants and animals, Mangoes, cashews, jackfruit and spice plantations, beautiful under water world and many more.

Malvanies live in a traditional way, and the richness of their culture and food add to the tropical heaven. The three religious groups, Hindus, Muslims and Christians are known in India for their tolerance and relatively undisturbed coexistence.

Mavani meal is a rich plate of rice preparations, vegetable side dishes and fish or sea food cooked in thick spicy gravies served with Solkadhi. Adding to this an incredible variety of breakfasts and snacks.

There are hardly any beggars, 100 % of the population is educated, women are very respected, and it is clean like nowhere in India, so you will rest after the hustle of the north.